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Dog Training at Good Dog Pet Ranch

A well-behaved dog is a joy to be around.

Dogs naturally want to please us, but sometimes we fail to help them understand what’s expected of them. That’s where good training comes in. When dogs know how to stay in place, whether sitting or in a down position, how to walk on a leash without tugging, and how to leave things when commanded, they experience less stress, and so do you. Whatever behavioral issues your dog is experiencing, good training can help. At Good Dog Pet Ranch, we offer a wide range of training options with flexible schedules and pricing.

Call us at 806-310-9999 to ask about training options that will fit your needs.

Private Lessons

Training around pet parents’ needs.


One Hour Session
$60 – One Hour Session


Six Pack

$300 – 6 One Hour Sessions

Day School

Basic Obedience Training in a Monday through Friday day program. No overnight stays.

Price Per Dog

$425 – Two Weeks
$210 – Each Addit’l Week

Additional fee for in-home sessions: $15 per visit

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Lodge & Learn

Obedience and Behavior Modification with overnight lodging

Two Weeks

$750 – 10 days of training + 13 nights lodging
This includes 10 days of training and 13 nights of lodging in a Bunkhouse* suite, introducing sit, stay, place, heel, and basic manners. Plan can be customized for behavior issues. Includes one follow-up lesson.

Three Weeks

$1125 – 15 days of training + 20 nights lodging
This includes 15 days of training and 20 nights of lodging in a Bunkhouse* suite, addressing sit, stay, place, down, heel, 'on a leash,' and basic manners. Plan can be customized for behavior issues. Includes one follow-up lesson.

Four Weeks

$1500- 20 days of training + 27 nights
Includes 20 days of training and 27 nights of lodging in a Bunkhouse suite, addressing sit, stay, place, down, recall, heel, (off leash), leave it, and basic manners. Can be customized for behavior issues. Includes one follow-up lesson. Note: Most behavior modification cases require at least 4 weeks.

A FREE Initial Training Consultation is required prior to scheduling.
A 50% deposit is required to secure a reservation for training services.

We also provide custom-tailored training to suit you and your dog’s needs!
Call us for more information at 806-310-9999.

Meet Our Trainer

Jaycie is the Good Dog Pet Ranch trainer and she would love to talk to you about your dog and how
training can help. She has been with Good Dog Pet Ranch for over three years and during that time she
has learned every aspect of its operation. From the very beginning, Jaycie demonstrated a confident
rapport with dogs and a solid understanding of what it takes to be a good dog.

Jaycie works with clients to custom-tailor a training program that meets their expectations and their
dog’s needs. Her primary focus is basic obedience: the skills a dog needs to be a confident member of
your household and a good companion. She will be happy to meet with you to better understand your
expectations for your dog. You’ll find her friendly and easy to work with and you’ll love the enthusiasm
she brings to her job!

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Joining the fun at Good Dog Pet Ranch is easier than ever with the Good Dog Express*

Available for Lodging, Day Care, Training, and Bathing guests.

Good Dog Express is FREE with the Good Dog Day Care Premium Club!

Mondays through Fridays 7:00 am – 6:45 pm

One Dog

$10 One Way | $15 Round Trip

Each Additional Dog

$5 One Way | $7.50 Round Trip

Five Day Package:

Buy 4 Round Trips get 1 Round Trip FREE!


Twenty Day Package:

Buy 15 Round Trips get 5 Round Trips FREE!


*Some restrictions apply.

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