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We’re looking for motivated, hard-working applicants who love dogs to join our team of employees. At Good Dog Pet Ranch, you would be responsible for providing proper care and attention—which includes lots of playtime—for all our guests, while working in our exceptional facility near the Amarillo, Texas airport. We’re open 7 days a week all year and strive for a safe, friendly work environment.

To apply, you can send your complete resume or our application to Or, you can mail it to:


Good Dog Pet Ranch

160 S. Pullman Rd.

Amarillo, TX 79118

Open Positions

The two types of positions we offer are Front Desk and Kennel Tech, but each position involves some crossover of duties between the two.

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Kennel Tech

Responsibilities include feeding, bathing, cleaning up after and caring for dogs. Kennel techs take dogs out in groups to play, and they photograph them for the dogs’ report cards. A wide range of responsibilities are involved. Kennel Techs should have a love for dogs, a strong work ethic and a cooperative team spirit.


Front Desk

Responsibilities include welcoming customers and their dogs, checking them in and out, collecting payment, and keeping careful track of important information about each dog. Front Desk employees should have strong customer service skills and an eye for detail.

Flexible Hours

We offer flexible hours, can accommodate any school schedules, and love working with college students. Both positions are physically active and require the ability to lift 30 pounds and be on your feet most of the day.

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