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Good Dog Pet Ranch grew out of owner Jim J. Brewer’s dream of a place where he would feel confident leaving his dogs. He wanted a safe, clean facility where dogs are treated like family and get plenty of attention, fresh air, and exercise. We are very happy to answer any questions you have about our facility and our services. If your questions aren’t covered in our FAQs here, please contact us and we’ll provide any information you need. 

  • When can I drop off and pick up my dog?
    You can drop off your dog any time during business hours, and we appreciate knowing an estimated arrival time. If dogs boarding overnight are picked up after 2:00 pm on check-out day, a late fee of $15 is charged.
  • What vaccinations are required for my dog?
    Required dog vaccinations: Rabies – administered every 3 years (first vaccine is for 1 year) Distemper/Parvo combination (DAPP) – administered annually Bordetella – administered every 6 months We also highly recommend the canine influenza vaccine for dogs. Be sure to ask your vet about other vaccinations he or she might recommend for your dog’s health. While every dog who receives services at Good Dog Pet Ranch is fully vaccinated, occasionally a seasonal airborne virus can be passed among dogs—just like colds among humans. If there is any indication that a cold or cough is going around, we limit group play and take additional precautions to stop the spread of the virus.
  • What size enclosures are available?
    Our Bunkhouses are 4×5 feet and open air so dogs can see other dogs. The bunkhouse walls are tall, but some are also enclosed across the top—so if your dog is a climber, let us know. Our Goodnight Suites are 6×5 feet and are more private—dogs can see workers through the upper windows, but not other dog guests. We have a very limited number of our largest Goodnight Suites which are 9×5 feet. Both Bunkhouse and Goodnight Suites are available with outdoor patios, but in limited numbers, so make your reservations early! Every dog is taken outside to our play yard several times a day to enjoy some fresh air and to “do their business” away from their suite.
  • What should I bring to leave with my dog?
    Bring your dog’s food, treats, and any medication he or she needs. Dogs usually need a few days to adjust to changes in food, so we encourage you to bring what they’re used to eating. However, if you prefer, we can provide house food at $2 per meal. Our house food is Hill’s Science Diet dry dog food. You do not need to bring bedding, bowls, or toys, as we will provide them. Please keep medications SEPARATE from food. Do not combine them with individual food servings.
  • What services do you offer?
    We offer overnight lodging, day care, training, and bathing services. We also have a self-service dog wash station, complete with everything you need to bathe your dog yourself. Prices for self-service are listed on our bathing page and are based on the size of the dog. All vaccinations are also required for dogs being bathed (see FAQ regarding vaccinations.)
  • What if my dog is pregnant?
    We will be happy to care for your pregnant dog and give her the extra care she needs to be comfortable. Unfortunately, we cannot board dogs close to their due dates.
  • What if my dog is in heat?
    Unfortunately, a dog in heat can cause quite a commotion around other dogs, so for her safety and the safety of others, we are unable to care for her during this time. Please allow a week or more after any signs of bleeding or discharge is evident in your dog before boarding with us. If your dog goes into heat while boarding with us, she will be isolated from other dogs and additional charges will apply.
  • What are your hours?
    Our hours are Mondays through Saturdays from 7 am to 7 pm, and Sundays from 9 am to 6 pm. During holidays, staff is always here to care for our canine guests, but our front office hours are limited as follows: Thanksgiving Day: Front office CLOSED Christmas Eve: Front office closes at NOON Christmas Day: Front office CLOSED New Year’s Eve: Front office closes at NOON New Year’s Day: Front office CLOSED
  • What about puppies?
    We love puppies! To stay at Good Dog Pet Ranch, dogs must be a minimum age of 16 weeks and fully vaccinated.
  • What about older dogs?
    We also love older dogs and are committed to caring for them and making them feel comfortable. We are happy to administer any medicines they need and will follow any special instructions.
  • What about medicines my dog needs?
    We will administer any medicines your dog needs at no additional charge. Please allow for some time at drop off to give us clear instructions on times and dosages.
  • How do you clean dog enclosures?
    Good Dog Pet Ranch sanitizes every suite every day, and multiple times a day if accidents occur. Dog waste is not just hosed off. Instead, we use a vacuum system and a cleaning solution that is extremely effective but safe for pets and humans. All suites and common areas are thoroughly cleaned, keeping the entire facility fresh for our guests.
  • Do you give tours of your facility?
    Yes! Stop by during business hours, and we will be happy to show you what makes Good Dog Pet Ranch a special place.
  • Can my dogs stay together in one suite?
    Yes, they can. Exceptions may be made depending on your dogs’ sizes and temperaments. For specific questions about your dogs, please call us at (806) 452-1747.
  • What about report cards?
    When your dog stays with us you’ll receive report cards with photos of your dog. Report cards are sent as a courtesy and while we try to send one for every dog every day, sometimes that’s not always possible. Our primary focus is caring for your dog and making sure his or her environment is clean and safe. Once we’ve taken some quick photos, we put our cameras away so we can focus on interacting with your dog! You’re also welcome to call us any time for specific updates on how your dog is doing.

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