Dog Training at Good Dog Pet Ranch

A well-behaved dog is a joy to be around.

Dogs naturally want to please us, but sometimes we fail to help them understand what’s expected of them. That’s where good training comes in. When dogs know how to stay in place, whether sitting or in a down position, how to walk on a leash without tugging, and how to leave things when commanded, they experience less stress and so do you. Whatever behavioral issues your dog is experiencing, good training can help. At Good Dog Pet Ranch, we offer a wide range of training options with flexible schedules and pricing.

Call us at a 806-310-9999 to ask about training options that will fit your needs.

Day School

Basic Obedience Training in a Monday through Friday day program. No overnight stays.

  • Price Per Dog
    $425 – Two Weeks
    $210 – Each Addit’l Week

Private Lessons

Training around pet parents’ needs.

  • One Hour Session
    $60 – One Hour Session

  • Six Pack
    $300 – 6 One Hour Sessions

Additional fee for in-home sessions: $15 per visit

Lodge & Learn

Obedience and Behavior Modification with overnight lodging.

  • Two Weeks
    $625 – 10 days of training + 13 nights lodging
    Includes 10 days of training and 13 nights of lodging in a Bunkhouse* suite, introducing sit stay, place stay, heeling and basic manners. Can be customized for behavior issues. Includes one follow-up lesson.

  • Three Weeks
    $935 – 15 days of training + 20 nights lodging
    Includes 15 days of training and 20 nights of lodging in a Bunkhouse* suite, addressing sit stay, place stay, down stay, heeling on a leash and manners. Can be customized for behavior issues. Includes one follow-up lesson.

  • Four Weeks
    $1250 – 20 days of training + 27 nights
    Includes 20 days of training and 27 nights of lodging in a Bunkhouse* suite, addressing sit stay, place stay, down stay, recall, heeling (off leash), leave it and manners. Can be customized for behavior issues. Includes one follow-up lesson. Note: Most behavior modification cases require at least 4 weeks.

*E-collar training available with three and four-week programs.
(E-collars provided by owner).

*Additional Fee per night for upgraded suites, subject to availability:
Medium Bunkhouse Suite | $5
Medium Bunkhouse Suite with patio | $10
Goodnight Suite | $10
Goodnight Suite with patio | $15

A FREE Initial Training Consultation is required prior to scheduling. 

We also provide custom-tailored training to suit you and your dog’s needs!

Call us for more information at 806-310-9999.


Bobbie Jo

Bobbie Jo has a two-year-old 80-pound Rottweiler named Kimber who was once a “fear-aggressive” puppy.  Now Kimber is an amazing working dog who is off-leash advanced, and an AKC Certified Canine Good Citizen, trained in narcotic scent detection and competitive obedience.

With ten years of experience in the pet industry, from working in a veterinary clinic to a rescue shelter, Bobbie Jo also comes to Good Dog Pet Ranch as a certified canine training and behavior specialist. She has a special interest in professional training for protection dogs and works with Good Dog guests with a confidence that stems from her understanding of dog behavior.

Bobbie Jo says she loves Good Dog because of the “great people” she gets to work with and her love for all the dogs she gets to care for.

  • Graduate of Starmark Academy for Professional Dog Trainers, Inc. in the course of study of Canine Training and Behavior Specialist
  • Completed the Apprenticeship Program of the Starmark Animal Behavior Center Training Department
  • Approved as a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test
  • Completed the VetMedTeam course “Implementing the AAHA-AVMA Preventive Healthcare Guidelines for Dogs and Cats
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Now available for Day Care, Lodging, Training and Bathing Club guests.
We’ll even pick up and drop off your dog for free with some packages!*
Mondays through Saturdays
7:00 am – 6:45 pm

  • One Dog
    $10 One Way | $15 Round Trip

  • Each Additional Dog
    $5 One Way | $7.50 Round Trip

*Some restrictions apply.


Nothing matters more than the comfort, safety, and well-being of your pet when you are away. After all, they’re part of your family. And at Good Dog Pet Ranch in Amarillo, TX, we’ll treat them as one of our own.


Life gets busy and our furry friends often get the short end of the stick. Let us keep your dog busy, safe and happy during the day. Your dog will enjoy a day of companionship, exercise and play under the careful supervision of our team.



We’ve got lots of options for keeping your dog clean: deluxe full-service baths, do-it-yourself baths and our best value, our Dirty Dog Club! Schedule a bath as part of lodging, day care or any time you need a clean pup!



Need a little help training your best friend? We offer a variety of obedience and behavior modification training opportunities. Choose from basic obedience training, group lessons for socialization, and even private lessons tailored around your pup’s needs.