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Good Dog Pet Ranch

The best place to stay when you have to be away.

There’s no place like home, and there’s no better place for down-home hospitality than Good Dog Pet Ranch. Your dog and cat will be treated like family here.

Lodging with us is more than a safe, clean and comfortable place for your pets. It’s also a place where they’ll receive a lot of affection, personalized attention and outstanding care from a trained and loving team. Plus, staying here is fun! Our pet lodge amenities afford plenty of activity for dogs, and cats have a lot to see and do too. Gone are the days of your dog being cooped up in a kennel until it’s time to “do his business,” and your cat will no longer stare at the clock until she’s back home. We want to be their place to stay when you have to be away.          

Amenities at the Ranch

Our guests rest easy while staying here… and you will too…knowing that we provide:

  • Healthy & Safe Environment | Impeccably clean and sanitary inside and out, climate controlled interior with 24/7 fire detection and security monitoring systems and daily housekeeping.
  • Comfortable Accommodations | Comfortable and spacious lodging enclosures with cozy bedding, calming music and plenty of fresh water day and night.
  • Routine Schedule | Morning and evening feedings, social (or solo) activity and physical exercise during the day, noon-time naps and rest periods, and twice-daily wellness checks.
  • Experienced and Attentive Staff | Caring professionals trained in dog and cat behavior and body language, positive reinforcement and pet handling techniques, pet first aid, safety protocols and customer service.
  • Individualized Attention | Extra care, service and support for dogs and cats with special needs.

A Typical Day at The Ranch

We guarantee your little or large buckaroo won’t be bored while boarding with us!  The day starts early with a friendly wake-up and a trip outside for the dogs to answer the call of nature and get a little exercise. Then it’s time for breakfast served in each dog’s suite and each kitty’s condo before the day gets into full swing.

Our pet lodging guests receive a lot of attention during their stay to include morning and afternoon activities and exercise periods in our indoor and outdoor play yards. Based on our observations, and your preferences, some lodging dogs may be suited for our day care program. Industry experience shows, and experts agree, that dogs who enjoy social playtime and physical activity are better adjusted, less stressed, happier and healthier.

Rest periods and a noon-time nap are essential ingredients to keeping your dog happy and healthy while in our care. We closely monitor all guests’ eating habits and eliminations throughout the day, and fresh water is always available.

Supper is served in each guest’s suite or condo late afternoon and then the day starts to wind down. After a final romp for the dogs and one last potty break, it’s time for bed. Clean and comfy bedding, safe chew toys and calming music are provided to help the dogs settle down and fall asleep. Our feline guests receive just as much attention and care tailored to their individual needs.

After a fun and busy day, most guests sleep through the night until morning when a new adventure awaits them. We always have a staff member on call after hours and 24/7 security monitoring and fire detection systems provide additional safety and peace of mind.


Nothing matters more than the comfort, safety, and well-being of your pet when you are away. After all, they’re part of your family! And at Good Dog Pet Ranch, we’ll treat them like one of our own.


Life gets busy and our furry friends often get the short end of the stick. Let us help relieve those guilty feelings and your dog’s boredom and loneliness with our day care program. Your dog will enjoy a day of companionship, exercise and play under the careful supervision of our team.


Who doesn’t love a warm bath after a long day? Your dog is no different so bring him home clean, happy and relaxed after being away. Our bathing station is also available for self-service. We’ll clean up when you’re through.