Why is Pet Boarding a Good Idea?

Boarding your dog in our facility offers several benefits for both you and your pup. For starters, Good Dog Pet Ranch’s location is convenient to I-40 and Amarillo International Airport. We can even make special arrangements for after hour drop-off and pick-up times. Secondly, you will have peace of mind knowing that a professional staff will care for your dog while you’re gone. But most important, our pet boarding facility will provide a wholesome environment for your dog with a healthy social setting, physical exercise and positive reinforcement.

Our love for dogs and cats is at the HEART of everything we do at Good Dog. Our well-versed and caring team will treat your pet just like one of our own. Whether you’re gone for a couple of days or a couple of weeks, your dog will feel at home at Good Dog Pet Ranch in Amarillo, TX.


Nothing matters more than the comfort, safety, and well-being of your pet when you are away. After all, they’re part of your family. And at Good Dog Pet Ranch in Amarillo, TX, we’ll treat them as one of our own.

Life gets busy and our furry friends often get the short end of the stick. Relieve those guilty feelings with our doggy day care program. Your dog will enjoy a day of companionship, exercise and play under the careful supervision of our team.


Who doesn’t love a warm bath after a long day? Your dog is no different so bring him home clean, happy and relaxed after being away. Our bathing station is also available for self-service. We’ll clean up when you’re through.


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